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Upholding The Highest of Swiss Standards
Upholding The Highest of Swiss Standards
This Is Our Principle
Our Story
SWISS International Virtual Airline was founded in November 2018 with the goal of bringing an unparalleled excellence to the Infinite Flight virtual airline community. Our team is made up of dedicated staff who bring substantial experience in VA development and operations; thus allowing our pilots to reach new heights and experience a real-world airline through our immersive Crew Centre and routes which are all based on those flown in real life.
Mission & Vision
SWISS International VA is committed to providing a quality VA experience unmatched by any other by flying routes based on real-world SWISS destinations, an all-in-one website, an interactive Crew Center, as well as a friendly and active intra-VA communications network. We aim to serve the IFC through an immersive VA experience for years to come
Our Team
Dedicated & Experienced
Our Partners
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