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Ranks are based on total airline hours and determine which aircraft and flights you can fly. Everyone begins as a Rank 1 Pilot meaning they can fly any flight which is operated by a Rank 1 aircraft. As your total hours increase your rank level increases, thus increasing the choice of aircraft and flights available.
0hrs – Rank 1
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A319-100, E190 & DH8D
Ethiopian DH8D
Aegean DH8D & A320-200
10hrs – Rank 2
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A320-200
TAP A319-100, A320 & A321-200
30hrs – Rank 3
Aircraft Unlocked:
Edelweiss A320-200
Etihad A320 & A321-200, A330-300
50hrs – Rank 4
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A321-200
SwissPeak Citation X, TBM 930 & A318-100
85hrs – Rank 5
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A330 & A340-300
Ethiopian B777 & B787
TAP A330 & A340-300
130hrs – Rank 6
Aircraft Unlocked:
Edelweiss A330 & A340-300
All Throwback Swissair Routes
All Singapore Airlines Codeshares
175hrs – Rank 7
Aircraft Unlocked:
South African A340-300
Etihad B777, B787-10 & A380-800
250hrs – Rank 8
Aircraft Unlocked:
All Special Routes
SwissPeak MD-11
Aegean B747-200
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