07 Oct 2019by Amir Hussein

Codeshare Partnership Announcement

Codeshare Partnership Announcement

Joining forces, SWISS International VA & United Virtual Airline’s new partnership creates over 80 new routes for pilots of both VA’s to enjoy.

It’s been in the works for some time and finally today, we are proud to announce our new codeshare partnership between SWISS International Virtual Airlines and United Virtual Airlines.

This new partnership gives all SWISS International Virtual Airline pilots over 80 additional routes to enjoy on a whole range of aircraft from small SkyWest commuter planes, to the large UNITED fleet of wide body jets.

We are working on securing many more codeshare agreements to ever expand the SWISS International Virtual Airline network in the coming months, however in the meantime, please enjoy exploring the United States in much greater detail by flying to one of the many domestic destinations such as Santa Barbara on the west coast or Buffalo by land locked Lake Eerie.

Lastly, check out the two new aircraft never seen before on the SWISS International Virtual Airline Crew Center which includes the CRJ200 and the E17X.

As always fly safe and enjoy!

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