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Whether you’re a new pilot or an experienced long haul veteran we welcome you! SWISS International VA is and always will be totally free of charge to all members.*
*Please note that a separate Infinite Flight subscription is required.
Balancing Realism & Fun
SWISS International VA strives to offer the best balance between realism and flexibility within a friendly and helpful community. Offering an hours based rank structure along with a range of aircraft to fly on our expansive network of schedules we cater for both casual and serious simmers.
Our Rank Scheme
Ranks are based on total airline hours and determine which aircraft and flights you can fly. Everyone begins as a Rank 1 Pilot meaning they can fly any flight which is operated by a Rank 1 aircraft. As your total hours increase your rank level increases, thus increasing the choice of aircraft and flights available.
0hrs – Rank 1
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A319-100, E190 & DH8D
Ethiopian DH8D
Aegean DH8D & A320-200
10hrs – Rank 2
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A320-200
TAP A319-100, A320 & A321-200
30hrs – Rank 3
Aircraft Unlocked:
Edelweiss A320-200
Etihad A320 & A321-200, A330-300
50hrs – Rank 4
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A321-200
SwissPeak Citation X, TBM 930 & A318-100
85hrs – Rank 5
Aircraft Unlocked:
SWISS A330 & A340-300
Ethiopian B777 & B787
TAP A330 & A340-300
130hrs – Rank 6
Aircraft Unlocked:
Edelweiss A330 & A340-300
All Throwback Swissair Routes
All Singapore Airlines Codeshares
175hrs – Rank 7
Aircraft Unlocked:
South African A340-300
Etihad B777, B787-10 & A380-800
250hrs – Rank 8
Aircraft Unlocked:
All Special Routes
SwissPeak MD-11
Aegean B747-200
Application Form
The Pilot Handbook contains everything you need to know about being a member of SWISS International VA. We strongly recommend you spend some time reading it before joining us.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the rank scheme work?

All pilots start as a Rank 1 Pilot. Our aircraft are organised in categories 1 to 8. Your rank is determined by your total flying hours. As your hours increase, your rank increases, as does the choice of aircraft and routes to fly.

Do I have to fly online?

Yes, all flights must be flown on the Infinite Flight Expert Server.

How often do I need to fly to remain active?

You need to file at least three PiRep’s per month in order to remain active. Our system automatically suspends accounts which have been inactive for one month.

How old do I have to be to join?

You must be aged 15 years or older to join.

Do I choose which routes I fly?

Yes. You search and book the flights you want to fly. The flights available to book depend on your rank which determines which aircraft you are able to fly. Your rank increases as your total hours increase.

Can I transfer my hours from a previous VA?

Previous hours from other virtual airlines cannot be transferred to SWISS International VA.

I am already an experienced pilot, why do I have to start as Rank 1?

All new members to SWISS International VA start with 0 hours regardless of their previous skills, ability or experience. We believe it is only fair that everyone who joins SWISS International VA should start at the same place and work their way up the ranks.

Can I use any simulator?

We only support Infinite Flight and you must have a pro subscription to access the live servers.

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